Terms & Conditions

Our flat rate shipping is for all products that will fit in a USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box which is 7X7X6 in size. If after we get your products made and determine that they will not fit in one box, we will notify you and you can place another order and select "Additional Shipping" only. You will not have to re enter your original order again.

All of our Patches qualify for free shipping by entering coupon code 3333. However, if you are ordering other NON Patch products at the same time, please don't use that code. This will delay your order as no shipping charges would be applied and we can't complete your order until the shipping is paid.

If you want to just buy a hat or shirt with nothing embroidered on it, then just type "Nothing" in the Embroidery Line1 field.

We try and match our color selection as close as possible to the exact color of the items. Each computer screen can vary slightly in the color you see.

Once an item has been embroidered, it can NOT be returned unless it is our mistake.